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Brandy Brown wife / mother of one / pug enthusiast / creative | Pacific Northwest, USA

What are you passionate about?

I am wildly passionate about my brilliant husband, cheeky daughter, goofy pug, crazy friends & devoted family.

Who and what inspire you?

I draw inspiration from lifestyle branding, environmental responsibility, gorgeous blooms and modern design.

What is your typical Sunday morning like?

A typical Sunday with me is cozy, relaxed & centered around good food and loved ones.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

My bucket list includes a handful of task, one being mastering the language of love. Oui, French!

A few of your favourite things.

A few of my favorite things in life are my inherited jewels, fine dining, traveling, my faith, peonies & art.

Your favourite Instagrammers to follow and why?

I love following these peeps on Instagram:

@streetetiquette / Joshua Kissi, 1/2 of the New York Street Etiquette team, transcending men’s fashion.

@sanakeefer / Sana Keefer is a newly wed, professional interior & prop stylist based in California.

@kltworks / Kristin Theiss is a Pacific Northwest artist/designer & mom to uber cool Sayer.

@thatgirlkisha / Kisha Vaughan is a Seattle creative, gorgeous mom & talented performer.

@fawnandforest / Summer Robertson is a successful entrepreneur & mother to three handsome boys based in Oregon.

@justinablakeney / Justina Blakeney is the ultimate jungalow queen, stylist blogger & new mom to Ida.

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Kitiya Palaskas Craft-based designer | Sydney, Australia

What are you passionate about?

I feel strongly about contributing to my local creative community and always trying to help to foster and sustain a vibrant handmade culture and marketplace. I believe in collaboration and skill sharing, working hard, supporting your peers, considering sustainability in everything, staying true to your aesthetic and style no matter what, and never forgetting to have fun!

Who and what inspire you?

My mum, for her everlasting devotion to craft, Fleetwood Mac because there’s a song for every emotion, vintage craft magazines for revamping old ideas and giving them new life, the colours and patterns that occur out in the real world, all the time, everywhere, traveling to adventurous lands, confetti because it makes me happy, and Beyonce, because she’s Beyonce,

What is your typical Sunday morning like?

Despite trying so hard to sleep in I roll out of bed around 7:30am, then spend the next couple of hours watching the news and feasting on something nourishing and decadent that my amazing housemate has most likely pre-made for our edible delight. When I’m thoroughly full, I wonder up to my attic studio to water my indoor plants, potter around, brainstorm new ideas, and try to make progress with ongoing projects, while a BBC costume drama or episode of Law & Order plays on my laptop. In between all of this I often fall into a deep procrastination hole, trawling through Pinterest, sorting my craft supplies, or arranging random pieces of confetti onto coloured bits of paper for hours, in a daze. This is okay of course because that’s what Sundays are for!

What is one thing on your bucket list?

I want to make the craft on Playschool!

A few of your favourite things.

1. Op shop road trips

2. Polkadots and stripes (often combined)

3. Indoor plants

4. Tropical-themed homewares

5. 90s RnB

Your favourite Instagrammers to follow and why?

@beciorpin- Beci is a total legend!! She has such a unique and fun way of viewing the world and her instragram is a real visual treat.

@annielarson - Annie Larson, creator of the amazing ALL Knitwear brand. On her instagram you will always find colourful sneak peeks of her knits and endless amounts of insanely good pom poms.

@confettisystem - My party decorating idols! Their work is so inspiring. I love keeping up with their latest creations and getting glimpses behind-the-scenes in their studio.

@designlovefest - Bri Emery is stylish, cute and so talented. Her photos of spaces and places inspire me to revamp my entire life every time I see them.

@theconnoisseurofcute - Lizzie is my super cute pen pal from Providence, Rhode Island. She loves anything kitsch, colourful, and cute and I literally click “like” on every single post she makes.

@harvestworkroom - These ladies are super talented and have got such a good thing going in Melbourne, it’s so clever. I always look forward to posts about new fabric patterns they’ve printed.

@elizabethhuxleymay - Liz is my tattoo artist and is completely amazing. I love trawling through pictures of her new work, it gets me super excited for new tattoos.

@malarko - My instagram crush (blush!). A British street artist who makes the best stuff. Sometimes we bond via “likes” about felt craft.

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Maricor Maricar Embroidery Illustrators | Inner West Sydney, Australia

What are you passionate about?

Making things, creating something that will hopefully make people smile.

Who and what inspire you?

We try to see wonder in everything and anything. But my daughter Ava inspires me to work harder and faster, she sounds like quite the task master but it’s only so I can spend the afternoon playing with her.

What is your typical Sunday morning like?

Routine has flown out the window lately but hopefully it’s spent with family enjoying a long lunch that becomes dinner followed by a highly competitive boardgame session. Nerd alert, our family is nuts for Catan.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

To live in London again. Our plans to live and work there changed when Ava surprised us so i’d love to go back and do it properly.

A few of your favourite things.

1. Colour. We used to be monochrome all the way but when we started embroidery we discovered our love of colour.

2. Food! Sweet, salty, sour, spicy.. we think about food all the time.

3. Staying in and watching tv when it’s cold and wet outside

4. Losing myself in a good book

5. Travelling

Your favourite Instagrammers to follow and why?

@arielealasko I love her woodwork and seeing her process through her wonderful eye.

@hellohackney lovely snapshot of London and her travels along with very witty captions. I get to live in London vicariously through her feed.

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Stephen Ormandy Artist | Sydney, Australia

What are you passionate about?

Family, Art, design, surfing.

Who and what inspire you?

The history of human creativity in all its forms. A few standouts for me are Matisse, Picasso Calder More Arp Nicolson Pasmore Scott Hepworth Frankenthaler Louis Motherwell Wirkkala Corbusier Brancusi Giacometti, so I think its safe to say the 20th century is a big inspiration. Also the natural world, I love to study how so many creative minds have interpreted and grown a visual language out of the environment.

What is your typical Sunday morning like?

Depends, if the ocean is alive I’m out there. If not, sleep in and a late breakfast with family and friends

What is one thing on your bucket list?

Don’t have one.

A few of your favourite things.

1. Modern art Museums.

2. My latest Painting or Sculpture

3. Books

4. Modernism

5. A good DJ

Your favourite Instagrammers to follow and why?

@galerieolivierharlingue creative images from the 20th century.

@lovewant the photography is beautiful.

@jeremyville love his art and community service announcements.

@louise_olsen Love.

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Anabel Fournier Children’s clothing and toy designer. Owner of Fournier. A dreamer and knitter. | Washington DC USA

What are you passionate about?

My family and being creative all the time. Knitting, but this it not just a passion, it is an obsession! I just love the feeling of yarn in my hands and enjoy every minute of the process. It is so gratifying.

I founded Fournier as a poverty alleviation project in the Summer of 2002 while living in Bolivia, and after researching rural women’s survival strategies in the face of extreme poverty to help the community make long lasting improvements in their own standards of living. Fournier operates in a socially responsible manner, starting by building trusting relationships with the artisans and suppliers and providing people all along our supply chain with wages that enable them to live comfortably; have good working conditions, a decent wage and a realistic path out of poverty.

Who and what inspire you?

I am inspired by many things and people I admire, but my everyday inspiration comes from my kids. Everything they say and do are what fuels my creative soul and what keeps me going.

What is your typical Sunday morning like?

I usually wake up early to bake something before everyone else wakes up. Muffins or a coffee cake are some of my favorites. We then enjoy it with coffee and freshly baked bagels.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

I have had the chance to live in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and the United States, but have not been to Asia or Australia. Traveling to these places is on top of my bucket list.

A few of your favourite things.

1. Cooking and baking

2. Traveling in East Africa

3. Bikram yoga

4. Reading

5. Good coffee

Your favourite Instagrammers to follow and why?

I enjoy very much the photos of everyone I follow. Can’t choose a favorite because they are all special!

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Marsha Golemac Maker and stylist of things | Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia.

What are you passionate about?

Making beautiful things. Traveling the world. Sharing food with the ones I love.

Who and what inspire you?

Creative individuals who are doing what they love and sticking to it. I love seeing creatives collaborate, share ideas and support each other regardless of the medium. I am a big believer in sharing; it’s a way of learning and progressing.

What is your typical Sunday morning like?

A late breakfast with my man, a coffee or two, and chats about our next adventure.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

It mostly consists of traveling adventures. However, I do hope to live on the Croatian coast for an entire summer. One day.

A few of your favourite things.

1. My family – the loves of my life

2. Exploring, near and far

3. My mums’ homemade tomato pasta sauce and my Dad’s ability to pickle every vegetable to perfection

4. Paper – it’s wonderful!

5. Being a sister, a daughter, a friend, and an aunty to four nephews and three nieces

Your favourite Instagrammers to follow and why?

@withhearts An incredible feed filled with places I wish to one day visit. Each and every one of Cory’s photographs takes you away to a dreamy moment – even if it is only for one second.

@hannasays I am a big fan of minimalism and Hanna does it best.

@meghan_plowman An awesome feed by talented stylist and photographer Meghan Plowman. There is something about her feed that I am drawn to – It’s beautiful but there is something really honest about it. I can’t really describe it - it’s just too good really!

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Arley-Rose Torsone Co-owner of Ladyfingers Letterpress | Providence, Rhode Island, USA

What are you passionate about?

Making beautiful things that serve a purpose for people who appreciate our work; creating a work environment that attracts good people; pushing my creative boundaries; sharing the inspiring things I see with the world, trying to do old things in new ways, living a dream life.

Who and what inspire you?

What a question! I could go on forever. I love a good challenge. From 4th grade to 12th grade, I was part of this after school program/team competition called Odyssey of the Mind. It encouraged kids to think outside the box and solve problems as creatively as possible. I think this mindset has always stayed with me and I love taking common tasks and pretending that I get more points for doing things in uncommon ways.

Also, I wrote a song once about my rumbler friends. They keep me on my toes and remind me that no matter how old you are, you’re still a kid inside. The lyrics go like this:

“I love the way you walk around the world, my friend, the world. I love the way you walk around the world.
And ever since I met you I have never been afraid to walk around the world, to walk around.

I love the way you go somewhere that you have never been, and never hesitate to call it home.
And everywhere you go you seem to meet a kindred soul, you’re never ever ever quite alone.

You live your life like the wind. And when it rains you know you always got a friend to let you in.”

What is your typical Sunday morning like?

I don’t think I have a typical anything! But perhaps my ideal Sunday would include making homemade macaroni and meatballs for dinner and trying not to work… too hard.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

Going for a hot air balloon ride in my wife’s balloon - I’m always the one who has to pick her up when she lands!

A few of your favourite things.

1. The feeling when people appreciate your work. Especially when you work really hard on something!

2. My wife Morgan (and better half of Ladyfingers Letterpress)

3. My cat, Meatball. He just does the darndest things…. like fetch!

4. Lake Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz New York. Feels like home! If I were rich.

5. Waking up early (3am, anyone?) to help Morgan fly her hot air balloon.

Your favourite Instagrammers to follow and why?

The captions are sometimes the best part of @chimpendale’s photos. Not only are his pictures artfully taken, but he’ll pair them with some phrases that makes them resemble some sort of real life Family Circus comic. Also, I always love seeing the world through the lens of @sabayaki’s photos. She works with us on occasion and her photos always seem to be way stinkin’ better than mine!!!

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Robyn Holland In a large nutshell: i’m a professional aspirer: photographer. baker. writer. humorist. lover of all things old. free spirit. big-dream entrepreneur. movie + music lover. occasional dancer in the kitchen. | Orange County, USA

What are you passionate about?

food + people + photography + writing; food ties people together; it’s an excuse to get happy about something; to celebrate, show love & share words. to me, there is no greater joy than great food surrounded by the people i love. making something that brings people together - that’s love. that’s joy. that’s food.

Who and What inspire you?

the what: i’m inspired by the beauty that surrounds me everyday: sunshine, good music, fresh produce, the ocean’s song, watching children making little discoveries… the smell of bacon frying, or cookies baking or the sound popcorn popping. the beauty in simple sights, smells & sounds always inspire me. i’m also incredibly inspired by farmer’s markets, cookbooks and gorgeous magazine photos. i keep a camera & journal on me at all times to jot down any inspiration or ideas that come to me. i am thrilled i’m now implementing these ideas on my new blog.

the who: i am deeply inspired by people and their stories. i love to read about beginnings… where people started and where they are now. especially people who i deem “passionate food artists” {photographers, food writers, recipe developers, eaters, etc}. the accomplishment of their dreams, inspires me to chase after mine.

What is your typical Sunday morning like?

i go to church sunday mornings. so it’s usually spent throwing my hair up in a messy bun or braids and putting on my favorite flamingo-patterned skirt and maybe a smudge of pink lipstick. sunday afternoon is my sunday morning. i usually get the urge to make something: a simple lemon meringue tart, bittersweet chocolate chip cookies or sometimes it’s just preparing for a big family dinner at mama & papa’s house (fried chicken or grilled shrimp are a family favorites). good music playing in the kitchen is a must too - usually the bill withers station on pandora - it plays all the good stuff! i sing along and dance as i cook.

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

one that seems to be topping the charts is living in a foreign country with my husband for a spring or summer - or fall, just one warm season. i would love to visit Italy or France or Australia and just soak up their way of being for a small while. that’s about the most inspiring thing i can think of - a chance to get away, do nothing but photograph, bake and explore…really take life slow. we always move so fast don’t we?

A few of you favorite things:

1. a bag filled with fresh produce + goods from the farmers market

2. brown speckled eggs

3. kisses from my husband

4. the rain

5. my ever growing cookbook collection

6. hot cocoa with scoops of fresh whipping cream

7. humor

8. my camera

9. the smell of lemon zest or a ruby red grapefruit

10.meeting new people and after talking to them a small while, they really don’t seem new at all - more like an old friend

A few of your favorite instagrammers to follow and why?

i’m a huge fan of my fellow bakers + food lovers + photographers:

1. lemonpoppies - she was in france a little while ago and i’m still drooling over all the gorgeous pictures she’s taken!

2. sproutedkitchen - gorgeous wholesome food pictures that leave me in awe. she’s an orange county local too, so i consider her a local i love to follow.

3. nikoleherriott - she’s a professional stylist + photographer and i look up to her style so much. it’s almost too gorgeous for words.

4. hannahqueen - beautiful simplicity all the way from georgia

5. dicanelo - canadian pastry chef with delicious homemade goods

6. timcoulson - i love how in love with his wife he is. it’s the romantic in me, but i adore it… his photos are simply incredible too!

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Pip Boydell Artist & Illustrator | Brisbane, Australia

What are you passionate about?

Finding and creating beauty. Whether it’s a freshly cut fruit salad with all the colours of the rainbow or the curls of leaves in an illustration I’m working on; I have to be surrounded by things that make my eyes and heart smile. I’m also passionate about family, our beautiful country and the fresh and simple life it affords.

Who and what inspire you?

Being at the beach rejuvenates me - and when I’m fresh and alert, I find I can get inspiration from lots of things in the everyday which is a great space to be in. I am also inspired but loads of people, but I particularly love those who create their own ‘worlds’ - Ken Done, Ralph Lauren, India Hicks. Then of course there are Monet’s waterlilies!

What is your typical Sunday morning like?

I love Sunday mornings! As often as possible this is the one part of the week my boyfriend and I clear to lock some time in together - we start early with a coffee from the great cafe at the end of our street, then hit the road and head down to Burleigh (or Byron if feeling adventurous!) for the day. I swim and soak up the sun while he surfs, and then we spend the rest of the morning lazing in our favourite coffee shop for breakfast and juice, papers and magazines. It’s a great indulgence, and even if it’s only an hour we try to do this every Sunday we can as for me there’s no better way to shape up for the week.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

So many things to do! But I would love to take a no-expenses-nor-time-spared trip to Kakadu and the Kimberleys. I’ve never been there, but my parents have a real soft spot for this part of the world and I’ve always wanted to go; so a trip with all my family would be a magical thing to do.

A few of your favourite things.

1. The beach and the sun

2. White cotton… it takes up a good 80% of my wardrobe (and my linen cupboard!)

3. Coffee

4. My perfume ‘Un Jardin Sur Le Toit’ by Hermes

5. Coconut everything

Your favourite Instagrammers to follow and why?

@laureljones - Laura Jones - beautiful, colourful snippets from the paintings and world of this Sydney artist

@sundaycollector - Sunday Collector - she has great style and possibly the cutest baby I have ever seen!

@oliviathebaut - her images are peaceful and beautiful and so very other-side-of-the-world

@themanrepeller - actually hilarious

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Madeleine Stamer Artist, Illustrator, Mumma, Lover | Melbourne, Australia

What are you passionate about?

Family, staying honest, pursuing happiness, staying creative.

Who and what inspire you?

Mum, my partner Karl, family, music, risk takers, nature, cheekiness, kind heartedness, generosity, food.

What is your typical Sunday like?

Lazy, domestic and a little bit unplanned, Usually involves pancakes.

What is the one thing on your bucket list?


A few of your favourite things.

My family, My studio supplies, home, food, sharing, nature, all creatures great and small, plants, australiana, boots, the seasons and what they bring, balloons, print, pattern and colour.

Who are your favourite instagrammers and why?

@my4cookies For convincing me to join instagram

@iggyandloulou Beautiful ceramics

@solarsisters Nyssa is a rising star

@bleubird Family life abroad

@thedesignfiles Lucy Feagins daily adventures

@tuppenny_farm Farmlife and goats

@m2matiz Melbourne photographer

@harvestworkroom Melbourne screenprinting queens

@heltenkelt For a sprinkling of Sweden.

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